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D. Rampersad & Co. Ltd. present in the market for almost 70 years

D. Rampersad & Co. Ltd. (DRCL) is now a third generation family business established more than 50 years ago, initially providing a wide range of automotive parts and associated engineering services. To this day the company continues to trade and flourish within the automotive and transport sector of Trinidad and the wider Caricom Region.


Currently the core activities focus on providing specialized engineering solutions, including New Product Sales, Supply of Engineered Package Equipment, Upgrading and Refurbishment of Water and Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Preventative, Routine, Breakdown and Turnaround Maintenance of Rotating Equipment, Fabrication of Structural Steel and Piping Systems and Machine Shop Services to customers in the Energy, Petrochemical, Power, Steel and Process Industries.


Mission: "To enhance our position as the dominant industry player and deliver specialist engineering services with an exceptional standard of professionalism."


We sat down with Mr. Nirmal Rampersad, Chairman at DRCL, to learn more about the genesis of the company. For more information, watch the exclusive video interview included in the article. 


The Real TT:  How was D. Rampersad & Company Limited formed?


N.R.: My father started the company in the '40s and '50s. This business grew from one branch to another to such an extent that D. Rampersad  & Co. had become at one time the largest spare parts dealership in the country. During the expansion period, he went into the automotive engineering business: crankshafts, blocks, that sort of thing.


DRCL was formed when I took over the business He had a very small shop, and we have an example of it in our workshop in remembrance of where he sat with the first machine he had bought, which still works actually. In 1972, my father passed away, and I then took over the business to assist my mother with the expansion.


The Real TT: How did you feel upon taking over the company?


N.R.: Actually the first feeling I had upon taking over the company was a great sadness because of my father’s passing and I was 22 years old at the time. I had never thought I would be so young when I had to take over the establishment, and my experience wasn’t that great either as I wasn’t totally involved with the business. Together with my mother and my family we built this company up to where it is today. But the feelings at that time are hard to describe because one was of sadness and one of ambition in taking this company forward.


The Real TT: What are the company’s core values?


N.R.: We are number one in whatever we do. We are ISO 9000 and STOW certified and as such we work within all the health and safety guidelines set by OSHA. If you look at where D. Rampersad was in the 1960s and 70s, and where we are now, we are completing such massive jobs and employing so much labour not just within the country but also outside in the Greater Caribbean region.


I'm very proud to have lead the company where it is today because I have developed a family involvement with my son, who is the person who's taking over for me. He's a lawyer by profession, but he has shown the commitment and dedication to take this company forward. Right now we are in succession planning and I am taking a backseat.


"Our longevity in business, desire to continually diversify synergistically, low turnover of staff and our ability to develop long term partnering agreements with the majority of our major clients, has been the catalyst for continued success. We look to the future with reassuring optimism."

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Service Available 24/7

Mailing Address:  36-52 Chan Ramlal Street, Chaguanas, 500449, Trinidad (W.I.)

Contact Number: +1 (868) 671-7267