Trinidad and Tobago Business Overview
CNG Market
While Trinidad and Tobago has been encouraging the adoption of compressed natural gas (CNG) as a vehicle fuel for years, with the government instituting such fiscal incentives as the removal of the motor vehicle tax and the value-added tax on imported original equipment manufacturer (OEM) natural gas vehicles (NGVs) that are less than two years old in January 2011,
Despite being the world’s second highest producer of greenhouse emissions per unit of GDP - and the highest overall in relation to purchasing power - the government of Trinidad and Tobago voiced strong support for the United Nations Framework
The 2018 National Budget came with an immediate effect on the cost of fuel available in Trinidad and Tobago. Minister of Finance, Dr. Colm Imbert, announced that the costs of fuel available (premium, super, regular, diesel, and kerosene) wi
The Real TT interviews Martyn Killingbeck, General Manager, who has been working with D. Rampersad & Company Limited for over 20 years.   The Real TT:  What are D. Rampersad & Co. Ltd. main activities and what i